WP48 Tables by Minute Allocation and some Updates

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First off some administrative detail, the Free agent Guide is updated.

Reader Alex asks:

Arturo – I’m having a little trouble I’m hoping you can help me with.  Let’s say I’m the 10th man on an average team; the team wins 41 games during the season.  I earn 1% of the teams wins, which is .4 wins.  I do this playing only 4% of the team’s 3936 minutes (assuming no overtime), which is 157 minutes.  My WP48 should be (.4/157)*48 = .125, right? (or more like .121 without rounding).  So the average 10th man on an average team is an above average player?  Or have I missed a step?  Shouldn’t many players at the bottom of the rotation be negative contributors?

I can certainly understand his confusion I posted some incomplete tables (i.e WP48 was missing). Since we’re all about the fanservice here, I’m giving you all the by Minute ranking WP48 tables you can handle. Enjoy.

Regular Season Since the Merger:

Regular Season Last Ten Years:

Regular Season Last Year:

Some Points:

  • The main point is the gradual flattening of talent over time.
  • Bench Talent over time improved tremendously. To the point where last season better players where on average being kept out of the rotation.

Playoffs Since the Merger:

Playoffs Last Ten Years:

Playoffs Last Year:

Some Points:

  • Same flattening as in the regular season for talent
  • Players above the 6th man are negative contributors in the Playoffs in 2010.

So with these tables, you can now fill in the blanks for empty rosters with average bench players as per WP48. just like ESPN does.

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