Tiago Splitter, Marc Gasol and a Quick Free Agent update

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I wanted o write a quick post to update the Free Agent table (see here, Updated Free Agent Guide)  and  address the under the radar move that could potentially swing the west, The San Antonio Spurs signing of  the reigning Spanish League MVP, Tiago Splitter.

So far I’ve left him off any free agent tables as he is a de-facto rookie and I have not a lot of basis for projecting wins for him.  But it occurred to me that he is not the only reigning Spanish league MVP to come into the NBA in recent times. We can use Marc Gasol as a basis for comparison and come up with some reasonable numbers.

Here’s Gasol:

Here’s Splitter:

We see that Gasol was the better player in Europe and he’s been an above average player in the league (once he got in shape). Based on this I’m projecting Splitter at .100 (or Average) and about 2000 MP for the Spurs next season.

Updated Winners & Losers

Here’s my quick table on winners and losers:

Quick Thoughts on the New Deals added :

  • San Antonio: Love the Splitter deal at a minimum it gives them flexibility and saves Duncan for the playoffs at a maximum it sets them up for a dogfight with OKC and the Lakers for the West crown for the next few years My Grade: A+
  • Portland :Matthews is good but they need minutes for him . My Grade: Incomplete pending whatever trade they make.
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