Statistical Oddities and the Worst of the Worst

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Over the past few months, I’ve been looking at and playing with the Wins Produced database from 1977 on. There are many many stories there but for this post I want to focus on minutea, weirdness and the worst of the worst.

One thing that fascinated me when I looked at the data is players who played many, many minutes to no particular effect. I found five players who were basically ghosts. They played greater than 2000 minutes and delivered o wins on 0 WP48. Who were the Hollow Five?

Who you gonna call?

The irony of Joe Barely Cares on that list is not lost on me.

Now for the worst of the worst. The biggest losers in our dataset. These were the guys who destroyed teams, who made Fans cringe and possibly cost teams titles and gms their jobs. What’s endlessly fascinating is that it’s not enough to be bad to be on this list. No, someone has to insane or misguided enough to give you the ball. Here the list (Table here & graph below):

Here’s the list of multiple offenders:

Clifford Robinson (5 times), James Edwards (3 times), Antoine Carr (3 times), Jeff Turner (3 times), Rex Chapman (2 times), Mark Blount (2 times), Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (2 times), Tim Thomas (2 times), Maurice Taylor (2 times),Joe Bryant (2 times), Jason Collins (2 times), Joe Wolf (2 times) & John Amaechi  (2 times).

The Really sad part? Mr. Number one on the list (Adam Morrison) has two more rings than Charles Barkley.

Adam Morrison a winner is You!

Tomorrow, no lists. I’m going to post a nice analytical article to follow up a piece by one of my fellow WOW bloggers.

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