Free Agent Early Wrap

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(Updated 7/17 Midnight EST-Damn you Joel Anthony!)

As of now about 60% (260 wins) of the projected wins available (410 Wins) on the Free Agent market are off the board. So I felt it was a good time to update the table and put down some early thoughts.

First off, The Updated Free Agent Guide

Winners & Losers

Here’s my quick table on winners and losers:

Quick Thoughts & Grades by Team :

  • Miami: Enough has been said about Miami in this space and elsewhere but let me add: Wow,just wow. My Grade: Eleventy
  • Golden State : A forum on whether or not you like David Lee. Dorell Wright is good. My Grade: A, no selection bias here.
  • Detroit: Detroit kept Ben Wallace. That’s real forward looking  . My Grade: C
  • Chicago: The Bulls did not get exactly what they wanted but they still massively upgraded. Chicago went two of three (Boozer and Brewer are wow, korver not so much). My Grade: B+
  • Phoenix: Classic Suns pantsing the league on childress and cutting payroll. The only reason I withhold an A is Frye. Looking at their roster they may not be done yet. My Grade: B+ for now
  • Orlando: The Magic were good but they could be great it all depends on coach Stan Van playing Redick more over the corpse of Vinsanity My Grade: B- for questionable minute allocation
  • Lakers: As a Celtics fan, #$#%% #@%@@!!!! And they stole a guy in the 2nd round of the draft (Caracter). The Kobe deal (not included on the list as it happened in-season) could be the turd in the punch bowl in the future.  My Grade: A+
  • Houston: Again better than it looks. The Yao extension is worth a hundred million easy to that franchise.  My Grade: A+
  • Milwakee: Sneaky. Makes a good team, better and deeper. Fear the Deer! My Grade: B for Bucks
  • Boston: Better on paper. I heart Pierce & Allen but they sure are creaky. Love me some pocket kryptonite. Jermaine O’Neal? Just Ugh! The Rondo Deal (again not counted in the total as it happened in-season ) keeps a passing grade. My Grade: C for Creaky Celtics
  • Toronto:Meh My Grade: D for doubt they’ll make the playoffs
  • Charlotte: Sneaky. Young above average PF on the cheap (Thomas). Could be good but they need to start him. The rumor on Shaun Livingston would give them an A for me. My Grade: B for Brown
  • Denver: Meh again My Grade: D
  • Knicks: New York deserves and will get their own post. I will say that by breaking even they lapped the regime of Lord Thomas My Grade: Watch this space later
  • Nets: Throwing some good money after bad. They’re getting a new GM though My Grade: D comrade
  • Dallas: Cuban seem to delight at paying full price on day old cheese. Yes it tastes good now they’re past the expiration date Grade: D for Dirk is Dissapoint
  • Minnesota: Khan and Free Darko, a marriage made in comedy heaven. I feel for Love. Grade: F
  • Atlanta & Memphis: Question, what Free Agent contracts were signed that were immediately untradeable? Answer: Joe Johnson & Rudy Gay Grade: Z for Zombie franchise killer contracts.
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