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Shanwnfurryan (see his blog here his draft analysis is to die for) asks :

“You know how everyone says you can’t compare Byrd and, say for instance, Lebron, because they played in different eras. I wonder if that applies here. I want to say that the answer is possibly no because by comparing AdjP48, we are comparing average TOTAL production. And there are swings, but there not as huge as on might expect given many of the arguments that have been used.”

My answer comes in the form of a table(Graph below, table here) :

For Lebron and Larry:

Name                  Rank        Year       Age

Larry Bird             22           1987       30

Larry Bird             24           1988       31

LeBron James    25           2009       24

Larry Bird             32           1986       29

Larry Bird             35           1985       28

LeBron James     53           2010       25

Larry Bird             58           1983       26

Larry Bird             92           1982       25

Larry Bird             94           1984       27

So Lebron as a 24 & 25 Year old has been better than Larry at that age  (dodges thunderbolt) & Larry peaked from 26 to 31. I guess Lebron’s team should be pretty good next year.

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