Challenge of the Superfriends

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I wanted to follow up my quick cap post from yesterday. I learned more about Capology in a day than I ever really wanted to. It’s time to put that to use.

I’m going to play at the oracle and try to read Pat Riley’s mind.As of now if I had to pick a likely scenario for the Heat in 2011 based on their cap space it’s as follows:

  1. Assume they use their 9 million in cap space and go for Ben Wallace and Shelden Williams as big men (seem the best fit for them) and get Mike Miller and for everything else just keep their min guys.
  2. That gives them Chalmers,Wade,Lebron,Bosh and  Ben Wallace as their starters with: Miller, Arroyo,QRich, James Jones,Magloire, the two rookies and Shelden Williams
  3. Do some tweeking to the minutes to make sure I have enough minutes at center (so sorry Bosh you’re splitting time at PF & C with Wallace, Williams, Pittman & Vanardo). Here’s what it looks like:

80 wins. No kidding. I guess the challenge of the superfriends is the 72 wins record of MJ’s Bulls . I’m heading off to look at Vegas odds of that now.

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