Starting to go Crazy from the Heat

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The internet is abuzz with LBJ to the Heat to Miami talk. As I’ve stated before this alone will not make the Heat a championship contender. However there is another rumor floating around about Mike Miller (an underrated free-agent) getting an MLE offer from Miami. This totally changes my opinion on the Heat. Here’s the possible lineups if the rumors pan out:

Even if I assume that the Heat have to roll with Bosh at Center and Lebron at PF this is still a 59.3 win team. If they can convert Beasley into a credible center these numbers go up. Even if as i expect roster filling with midlevel free agents add no more significant amount of wins (if they did that would be upside and it might actually decrease the total) this is a championship contending team. If they can add a big man for Beasley? They’d be the favorites in the East.


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